Akruti Typing Guide


We Know that Akruti is the best typing tool in which we can easily design and write All Indian Language. Every language font are available here. every font is stylish and unique. Today we give you the Akruti Typing Guide

People of Odisha talk in Odia and write in Odia. But we know that there are no more stylish font than Akruti. Many designer use calligraphy for Graphics but nobody makes font. Akruti font is the popular font in Odisha. Every Typist use Akruti.

But the difficult things is that Akruti typing is not easy as Unicode. so today we give you the Akruti Typing Guide. if you know how to typing usign Akruti then you may skip it.

There are 11 Swarabanrna (vowels) 49 Byanjana Barna (Consonant) and 7 Phala and 120 Yuktakhsar.

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  1. Kaushika Kumar Pradhan says

    Sir , it will support in window 10 or not? I have office 2016 is it compatible with it to write in word 2016 or not? Please
    tell me about it. Thanks

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