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You know that in mobile we cannot write Odia using Akruti. But in  case of speed of typing Akruti more effective than Unicode. We can easily type Odia and typing speed also higher than Unicode typing. When we write kha we have type kha in Unicode but in Akruti we have to type shift and k that’s all.

So that many printers or publication centre write using Akruti. And they recommend to use Akruti.

But In Akruti engine there are many letters are not showing means it shows blank. But in Unicode we can write them easily and that letter which is not showing in Akruti are shows in Unicode.

But with this converter we can easily convert the words from Akruti to Unicode, Akruti to Shree Lipi

Step Wise Guide – How to Convert Akruti to Unicode

Odia Unicode converter
Odia Unicode converter
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